Local Landscaping Services in Placer County, CA!

Discover the beauty and elegance of custom landscape design with Duran Landscape. Serving Placer County, CA, we specialize in transforming outdoor spaces into lush, vibrant paradises tailored to your unique taste and preferences. From initial consultation to final installation, our experienced team of landscape professionals works closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life. Whether you desire a tranquil garden retreat or a lively entertainment area, Duran Landscape has your back.



Custom Landscape Design & Installation -

Landscaping services cover a wide range of upgrades, installations, and renovations that adds to the functionality and curb appeal of lawns, backyards and professional settings such as storefronts and office walk ups. These services include hardscaping such as the installation of new stepping stones, sitting walls and low voltage lighting, or even softscaping that entails depositing plants and trees such as the ones found in my very own on-property nursery!



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Solar Panel Cleaning Services



Custom Hardscape Design & Installations -

The services that fall within hardscaping are what allows you as a client to morph your landscaping into the area of your dreams and tends to have the greatest dramatic effects on its mapping and layout. When you pursue your hardscaping services through Duran Landscape, you open the door to a list of endless possibilities by utilizing my esteemed team of professionals with vast experience in all custom pours, installations and landscape builds.







Custom Softscape Design & Installation -

I truly enjoy the softscaping aspects of landscaping because this is the side that allows me to really bring your landscape to life through color and the natural beauty of flora and greenery. For this reason, I have an on-property nursery to aid in the selection of your individual and personalized plants such as trees, flora, edibles, shrubs and other foliage, but also to ensure that your landscaping is brought to life with the healthiest and most vibrant of greenery.



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